Nose wheel & GPU missing

I've been enjoying flying that fantastic addon (FSX+Accc on Win7/64) for many years without any problem... until recently when the nose wheel and the GPU don't show any more.

The aircraft loads normally but the nose wheel and the GPU disappear after a few seconds. If I pause the sim then resume it (P key), the nose wheel shows up again but again disappear after a few seconds.

I still have the 3 green (and GPU power) and this does'nt prevent the aircraft from normally rolling and landing. In other term, the nose wheel is only VISUALLY missing.

I have updated the ac to the latest v1.020a. The issue is still there.

The only operations I did between the "before" (no issue) and the "after" (nose wheel missing) situations are 1) TFDI's B717 installation 2) MaddogX upgrade to the latest release and 3) Windows update.

Any hint on what may have happened?

Any help is much appreciated.


  • Uninstall the aircraft and re-install using Administrator Rights by right clicking on the installer and Run As Administrator. Sounds like you have a protection issue which sometimes happens after conducting a Windows update.

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