• Am i the only one who thinks FS2Crew would be a great addition to the Dash? :-)


  • Tell Brian over at the FS2Crew forums on Avsim! I think he's got his plate full with the PMDG 777, 747 and Aerosoft Airbus at the moment, but following that he said he'd consider doing the Q400 if Majestic did an SDK (which I believe Majestic said they likely will with the Pro version).

    I have got FS2Crew for the PMDG Jetstream 41 and it's epic, makes it a lot more manageable when flying online. And my VA, Intercity, got me a 30% discount ;-) If FS2Crew is developed for the Majestic Q400, I will buy it immediately (despite the fact I am a tightwad), it's that good.

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