Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions
If I buy PILOT version now, will I be able to upgrade to higher versions later?
Yes. You will have to pay just the price difference between two versions.
Is PILOT a "basic" or "light" version, PRO being a "full" one?
No. PILOT is a full version with every feature enabled for normal flight operations. It is by no means "basic" or "light". PRO version is an extension of PILOT adding some hardcore features for abnormal operations, which would be intersting to very experienced simmers.
What about framerate? Do I need a top-end PC to run Majestic Dash smoothly?
Any PC that can run FSX will be sufficient to run MJC8 Q400. The external FDE and other systems are calculated in other threads than the FSX's one, they can also run on different CPU cores. In fact, the MJC8 Q400 is much lighter on frames than comparable add-ons, it is usually just few fps less than default aircraft.
Are 2D panels included in PILOT version?
"Classic" 2D panels are included starting from PRO version. Nevertheless, all displays (EFIS, FMS, ARCDU) can be un-docked in 2D windows and placed anywhere on the screen (or on other screens) - in all versions, including PILOT.
When PRO version will be released?
We estimate several months after the relase of PILOT, but as with any other relase date we won't be giving exact timeframe
Do you consider new liveries requests?
No, but there will be a special thread on our support forum where third-party painters will share their work
What is your next project?
PRO version, then TRAINING. After that, we will work on the Bombardier Q100-Q300 aircraft.
Purchase, Installation, Known issues
Upon filling my purchase data into the installer, and clicking "next", NO RESPONSE FROM THE SERVER message is presented
  • Verify your internet connection
  • Due to the changes in our licensing system, the older installers of version 1.005 - 1.008 should no longer be used.

  • In order to install the Q400 from scratch:
  • 1. For download editions: Download the new 1.010 version installer from your software store (free of charge)
  • 2. For the boxed editions: Please login to support->User Area section on our website and download the version 1.010 full boxed edition installer
  • Upon filling my purchase data into the installer, and clicking "next", INVALID RESPONSE message is presented
  • Verify your internet connection
  • Attempt to run the installer with the right click, "run as administrator" option, make sure you are not copying any spaces with the data. Repeat the attempt after a few minutes. Our servers might be busy handling too many concurent requests
  • Make sure you are only entering a single word as your last name, it is suggested not to use any non - ascii characters. If still no success, contact for assistance
    Nothing works, no gauges, dead Virtual Cockpit, no landing gear
  • If you think, you might have selected "No" when asked by FSX about trusting the gauge mjc84main.dll gauge, you will have to purge the trust record in the fsx.cfg.
    erase the following line : mjc84_main.DLL.<any digits>
  • If still no help: Make sure your FSX is of version SP2 (or acceleration).Please note, that SP1 patch must be installed before SP2 or Acceleration installation is attempted. Failure to do so might result in the problems running the Q400
  • Install the Dash-8 with right click, "run as administrator" option from the same drive where your FSX is installed
  • Attempt running the FSX itself with the "run as administrator" option to bypass any possible file access problems
  • If still not working, upgrade your Direct X from the microsoft web site to install please unzip the package to a location on the hard drive and run the included exe file
  • Make sure you don't have a USB sound device (aka headset) set as your primarily sound playback device in Windows
  • Dash-8 might also be sensitive to your sound card drivers, or the speaker configuration, due to the utilization of DirectX sound effects. We suggest checking if you can update the drivers. Especially this seem to apply to Realtek sound devices
  • If nothing else helps, I could also suggest reinstalling the FSX - if it is possible. (There are addons which would modify the FSX default libraries), we've seen the cases when the FSX reinstall fixed the problem.
  • Aircraft becomes unstable (jumps or bounces) upon the engine start, taxi or the takeoff
  • The most common reason for this problem is when using FSUIPC utility with situation auto saving option enabled. Such option must be disabled for the Q400 to work normally. If still no success, may I suggest making the following change to the mjc84.ini configuration file (found in the /ini folder inside the mjc8q400 folder)
    If you still have a problem after this, the next suggestion would be to check your computer CPU cores to make sure your FSX, when ran with some default aircraft, is not using all of the cores for 100% about once per minute for 10-20 seconds. If this is the case, you might need to change the affinity settings of the FSX to free at least 1 CPU core.
  • What can I send to MJC support to help them resolving any issue?
    Please check if you can see the following file: CMJC84BaseErr.log in the root folder of your FSX. If there is one, please email it to along with the description of the problem, as this can help us to resolve your issue.
    Sound or the entire simulation fails after 15-60 minutes
    If not using Windows 8, locate the following line in the mjc84.ini file, located in the /ini folder inside the Q400 addon mjc8q400 folder
    Win7CompatibilityMode = 0
    and change 0 to 1
    Simulation stops and then resumes, once in 1-2 minutes
  • Disable the autosave feature of the FSUIPC. Our addon saves a great deal of data with the default FLT diles, hence the delay
  • Load the default aircraft in the FSX and monitor the CPU load for 3 minutes, if you see spikes on all of the CPU Cores you will need to set the [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=n in your FSX.CFG file to some value that frees at least one core for the Q400 to use (for example, 5)
  • Selected Altitude is jumping back to 0
    Modify the FSX units setting to feet+inches, or feet+millibars
    Spot view does not include the momentum
    Using an external FDE imposes a certain number of constraints. In fact our FDE "slewing" the FSX as you fly. This kind of integration can not provide the smooth momentum, as the momentum accelerations of the FSX are not accessible. Thereforе we had to disable it. We think this is a small price to pay for the realistic flight dynamics.
    How to verify which version of the Q is installed on my computer
    From the version 1.007, the software version can be checked on the ISI screen. Turn all the electrics off, click on the ISI (standby instrument) screen to bring up the pop-up, turn the batteries back on. The version of the software will be indicated in the A/C field (1007 or above) for a few seconds.
    Under P3D the sounds for external and VC views are the same
    Set HideInfoText=0 in the Prepar3D.CFG file. Currently this setting can not be used with our Q400
    Q400 Operation
    No Cold-and-Dark?
    The default initial state corresponds to the state in which airline pilots usually find the plane (i.e. GPU connected, electrics and air cond switched on). If you want a Cold-and-Dark situation, bring the aircraft to cold and dark by switching off all AC and DC switches, then save the situation. The next time you load it, you will find the plane cold and dark.
    How to switch on TCAS?
    Why the rudder almost doesn't steer?
    The Q400 has two ways to control the steering wheel, both under 40 kts.
    1. with rudder pedals : this controls the wheel in -8°..8° range and is mostly used at takeoff;
    2. with the tiller : can turn from -70° to 70°.
    Since the rudder axis is used for the first steering method, it cannot be used for both, so we had to map the tiller to any other axis. We chose aileron axis (as ailerons are useless on ground) or spoiler axis (not used at all on the Q400). In any case you can always control the tiller with the mouse (clicks or wheel) but this method is the less practical.
    My flightplan doesn't show on MFD
    Make sure the flightplan from FPL is actually flown by the autopilot. Go to NAV page and verify that FR and NX points are on the actual flight plan. If not, select the first point into FR and the second into NX.
    The Autopilot doesn't follow the flight plan
    Select the right nav source on the glareshield panel. You must select FMS1 or FMS2. The selected source is displayed in the lower right part of the PFD.
    The Autopilot trims up or down violently upon disengage
    This is usually due to Flight Controls incorrectly centered. Please utilize the included Control Panel application to center your flight controls and to adjust them for the full range travel. Q400 will not function properly otherwise
    The Aircraft banks to the left
    This is normal for a turboprop aircraft and is due to propwash hitting the tail fin. Use the rudder pedals to compensate for this effect on takeoff and landing, and the rudder trim in the other phases of flight. Please note that this effect diminishes as the airspeed increases. Refer to slip skid indicator on the PFD (two-section triangle at the top of the attitude ball) - try to align both sections.
    Cannot engage the VNAV
    Make sure that the selected altitude is below the current level. Note also that VNAV can only be armed when a magenta "v" is displayed on the PFD above the vertical deviation scale and the top of descend point is within 2min flight time.
    Dome light is too dark in Prepar3D v2+
    Please replace the existing aircraft.cfg file from the Q400 installation with the following file (use right mouse click, "Save link As" option to download) aircraft.cfg
    PRO EDITION questions
    I don't plan to use the HUD during my flight, is it possible to remove it from the Virtual Cockpit ?
    Yes, it is possible to select the HGS/non-HGS version of the aircraft from the MJC84 Control Panel, FLIGHT CONFIG page. After that the Q400 must be re-selected or the flight must be re-set.
    I have the Pilot version already installed. Do I have to un-install it before installing the Pro version ?
    It is not necessary to uninstall the previous copy of the Q400, since the installer will do it automatically anyway
    I'm flying on auto pilot and switch to outside view,when I go back to the cockpit, it disengages the auto pilot
    That particular joystick button which is used to switch the view is probably assigned to the autopilot disconnect via the joystick connector of the Q400. Please open the ini/mjc84.ini configuration file, scroll to the end of the file and set the correct button for AP Disconnect, or erase the assignment completely
    Upon takeoff, the landing gear won't retract
    PRO edition of the Q400 includes the Gear Pins simulation. Availability of the gear pins in the Situ (a bag located behind the First Officer seat) must be verified before closing the doors and starting the engines on the ground - as per the checklists. Gear pins can be stowed by clicking the Situ with the mouse, or using DATA->SERVICES page of the FMS