On-line Documentation

Electronic Flight Bag A web-based application to be used from your desktop or tablet (iPad or Andriod) to acquire departure/destination weather (METARS & TAFS), but more importantly to calculate (takeoff and landing) performance data. Aurasim
click here to access directly to the app
FMS Quick memo for FMS operations
Checklists Find here detailed checklists for each phase of the flight
Speed cards Calculate V1, VR and V2 depending on the aircraft's weight, runway altitude and OAT.
Special features How to use basic and special features in FSX with MJC8 Q400
Control Panel Application The reference for the Control Panel Application which is used to configure settings, load and refuel the aircraft
System Description The main systems reference is included in the package, together with all of the docs above. The level of details depends on the version - PILOT version documentation describes normal operations only, the PRO and TRAINING also include abnormal operations.
Navigraph Data Updates How to upgrade the Navigation Database