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  • I think you can edit the expiration date using Google Chrome inspector (or similar). Not sure which of the cookies sets the login state. 2021-06-01 at 14.33.10.png If its any comfort I also get…
  • The cookie that validates if you are logged in or not has probably got an expiration date.
  • Does not seems like every Q400 is equipped with this redundancy NAV radio. With and without I guess if it's not equipped with this redundancy NAV radio it is not certified to commit ILS CAT III approaches?
  • OK, cool. Did not know that you could get outputs from
  • Very impressive! How did you do the interfacing? UDP?
  • I’m also seeing this issue from time to time (gear handle want move up by mouse click, G key or the assigned joystick button that I have set up. But I have solved this by using the XML interface instead of the internal FS commands for gear up/…
  • Hi Guenther. Are you running the PRO or Pilot Edition? From what I can understand from Kroswynd’s post it looks like 125hz is only available with the Pro version. As far as Snave’s posting goes, I do not know what to say!
  • No, thats the problem. When tuning the navaid, the radio does not pick them up unless it’s in the Q400’s own db
  • Hi Randy. Sorry, but I got no useful input for you. I’ve only managed the same as you, filtering the dome light in wireshark. It should not mean anything, but I have noticed that the dome light is the only value that is WORD. Also, no…
  • Hi Reinhard and thanks for the info! I think I kind of understands it! I've done some playing with Wireshark to figure if I can make some sense out of all the packages being sent from the Q400. I did manage to set up a filter to listen for one …
  • @aua668 said: Hi, By sniffing the traffic between the Remote FMS (great feature btw) and the Q400 I found the solution by myself. First of all: The documentation for the UDP interface is wrong in one point: The header for the UDP pa…