Wher's the Q400 Aircraft Operating Manual?
  • Wher's the Q400 AOM???
    I would want to know proper techniques for: spin recovery, landings, x-wind landings, single-eng operations, flight patterns etc. etc.

    I must say that the documentation about the Q400 is very much below standard, for this kind of excellent quality aircraft!

  • I fear that because Majestic was unable to gain rights from Bombardier to reproduce the original AOM, that we will have to rely on the real pilots who fly the Q400 to give us information. 

    I am a real world pilot with a commercial certificate and after contacting Bombardier looking into the possibility of buying the AOM for the Q400 they told me they do not give out such information unless you are an owner or operator of the aircraft. So no luck there.

    When you think about it, PMDG is really the only software company that ever supplies real world aircraft manuals and that is because of their relation with Boeing. 

    We are spoiled with PMDG, however, I think we are spoiled here at Majestic as well. They have put out a great plane. I also feel as though when the Pro edition comes out with failures modeled, we will see something like a QRH and perhaps some more profiles.

    I would recommend reaching out into this great community right here and asking real Q400 pilots questions you may have regarding flight operations. I am sure they would be happy to answer.


  • How was Majestic able to write such a detailed simulation without all that Bombardier knowledge?
    It sure looks good, and I eagerly await the fix for my inability to even load the thing.

    My ATR 72-500 from Flight1 (seemingly discontinued) had an excellent manual and I think they were able to work with the manufacturer as well.  I need a replacement turboprop.
  • They have access to the AOM and more lol
  • I have the real think... its 26MB as a zip file here i downloaded from    http://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/BOMBARDIER/DASH-8-400.html

  • and here is the majestic one (you need to own the product)... follow this path on your PC:  \Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\doc..
  • >>I have the real think... its 26MB as a zip file here i downloaded from http://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/BOMBARDIER/DASH-8-400.html<<

    Perhaps I'm getting short sighted but I can't see a link to a .zip file on that page.  There are links to .pdfs for the various systems but all those I've downloaded so far can't be opened by Adobe Reader either on my desktop PC or Android tablet.  Any tips on where to find the .zip on that site please?

    Andy L

  • Those are just the systems manual, and while helpful, are not as useful as a FCOM/AFM. No point in creating such a complex simulation if we don't have proper documentation for procedures. It's the biggest let down for this awesome plane, I feel sorry for Majestic as they're not allowed to share this information. Shame Bombardier can't be more willing to work with them. I've tried, and will continue to look for a proper AFM, but it's a long shot and so far, not looking good.
  • Has i know from some friends pilots, aircraft precedures are not the same at every airliner.. 
    Mayby you shult ask an dash 8 q400 pilot to copy an exact precedure manual...  I allready ask my friend but he is not allowed to take it from the aircraft and copy it.... 
    About the zip, all those thigs what's on the above link i make them a zip..  that's what i ment before...
    More detailed manual for fealure procedures and normal condision precedures propobly will be on pro or training edition, sutch as the real pilot learn these on thems training.. 
    Fealure checklist, i dont think you need... the aircraft does not have any.... i used reverse thrust on the air with 250 Knts by mistake and nothing realy happen....( in the real aircraft, NTSB will normaly still searching for my props blades now.... hahahaha)
  • The link above is known & it only contains systems...& the Q400 docs doesn't include procedures....
    Come on Majestics! Even Willco has manuals for procedures....
    Do yours own manuals for procedures ...what's the problem with that? you have the knowledge.
    I didn't buy this airplane to spend time searching the internet for information, such basics should be included!

  • Unfortunately, Majestic kind of has their hands tied. It's a Bombardier issue, they won't let any of that information be published as it's copyrighted and they are less than accommodating for our little niche community.
  • Unless there is a RL pilot/administrator willing to spend time to scan and privately "distribute" it via Dropbox or a similar service, I doubt we'll see the AOM.