Warthog Q400 Setup

I tore down my system, replaced the CH yoke, THQ and pedals with a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Throttle and a set of Crosswind rudder pedals.

I have Chris’s 125Hz control configured correctly and can see I have good aileron, elevator and rudder control of the Q400 using CPAN.

I’m in need of some direction as to setting up the throttle. I reinstalled FSUIPC and have no turbo profile, only a dual prop for my beloved DC3. I have not deleted my old Q400 ini file from the CH controllers. Should I?


Specifically, do I uncheck Enable Controllers and use FSUIPC? If I do that I get no throttle response from CPAN. Do I check Enable Controllers and use CPAN to set up both engine throttles? What combinations of CPAN, FSUIPC and P3d controllers work for the TM Warthog throttle? I did some Google and forum searches the past week but there is not much I was able to find outside what was lost in the old forum.

I have read some assign the left TM throttle lever to BOTH engines and use the right for both condition levers. Then use the gray side slider for spoiler axes for ground steering. I’m assuming at some point I can use FSUIPC for my button assignments; flaps; lights etc.

One of the other reasons for breaking down the system, besides replacing controllers, was to set up for easier access eight GOFlight modules (MCP Pro, EFIS, etc.) I have been reading forums, manuals and posts until my head is swimming in various setups and configurations.

Trying to take it one step at a time. If someone has some insight into the concepts of using CPAN, FSUIPC and P3D’s axis and button controls (or not) for a Warthog throttle setup I would be most appreciative.

First order of business is to get my Q400 flying again before moving on to the GoFlight gear.

Thanks for any help here Gentlemen.




  • I am bypassing FSUIPC alk together to fly the Q400 and it is working out, for the most part, just fine. I have all my control surfaces operational and buttons for flaps gear etc working fine.

    The one issue that remains is the prop pitch or Q400 condition levers. I have throttle 1 and 2 assigned to each of the throttle handles on the Warthog throttle. They operate fine.

    I am using the gray slider axis on the right side of the throttle box for prop condition lever. The issue is, using the P3D control menu I can only assign engine 1 prop condition to the slider. Is there a way to have the slider control both condition levers. Or is there a combination on the throttle using other buttons or axis that I can get both condition levers assigned and not have to use the mouse to move the condition levers.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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