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  • Just a thought but have you calibrated the rudder pedals in your OS and in FSUIPC?
  • +1 for UAL277 comment. AN update is needed for P3DV5. It is great aircraft thank you.
  • @Brizer10 said: Okay, I took the hard work of inputting a flight plan whether it be 20 seconds worth of effort or 20 minutes time which is totally immaterial as time to me is paramount, by finding an answer to import a flight plan elsewhere. …
  • Well whip me with a wet shoe lace and call me stupid! Found the issue - my brain. As I said I have the Dash8 installed for both P3dV4 and V5. Turns out the CPAN shortcut I THOUGHT I was using for V5 was in fact the one for V4! The shortcut for…
  • Hi kroswynd and thanks for the response. Yes I have. Im in a bit of a bind with this one. Might try an uninstall and reinstall
  • Morning all and thanks for the update for this great machine. On the subject of the steering tiller: I am running both P3dV4 and V5 on separate drives. The tiller in V4 works as it always has. IN v5 I cannot get it to work no matter what I selec…