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  • toppe

    hi simeon.
    I too am moving forward in small steps and as your beta tester I hope in my own small way to be of help to you in your splendid project.
    I hope you appreciate the work resulting from years of design and construction, the pedestal with throttle quadrant and yoke is missing and it is finished.
    a special project will go after the creation of the HUD which would be the "CHERRY ON THE CAKE" as we say in Tuscany,
    hgs and achievable right now, as I told you in the post the HUD will be the problem to solve.
    greetings and good work.

    May 13
  • helix1250

    Good Morning Kroswynd. I hope you are well and things were you are a okay.
    I know you will have a whole of of people contacting you for what ever reason, but I wanted to offer my services as a Beta tester for your amazing Q400 aircraft. I have been flying this wonderful aircraft since it was released in FSX, I have now clocked up well over 12,000 hours in her right through to P3D, and in the past had assisted with issues with fonts not showing in the MCDU correctly. I fly for a VA (FLYUK) and has been my mainstay aircraft with them, but since my move to MSFS I have been reduced to flying the ATR, although a nice aircraft its no where near the level of the Q400.

    So if I can be of any assistance to you I will willingly put my hand up and step forward.

    Finally, I want to thank you and the team for the work you do and the amazing aircraft you bring to life.

    Stay safe and well and I look forward to being back in the Q400 when ever that may be.

    Best Regards

    April 3