FMS Fuel page logic

Chaps I’ve just got back into the Q400 after a long time and something that has very slightly bugged me ever since I bought this otherwise brilliant aircraft is the fuel page. Based on the info I have from the Universal manual and an airline ops manual, you should be able to add the dry operating weight, add ‘0’ in the passenger option, enter the takeoff fuel, hold and final reserve and put the total traffic load in the cargo section, which will then generate a ZFW and the takeoff weight. The MJC FMS doesn’t do this - it doesn’t formulate a ZFW when you put the DOW and the total traffic load in the CARGO section. Are you sure this is correct?


  • Hi,

    You are right, it is impossible to enter PAX as "0". It is not correct and we discussed that few years back.
    It was suggested then to enter directly the ZFW from the PLOG to the FMS, which works but if there is an error on the PLOG we cannot detect it.

    If we want to do it the "Flybe way", when we are on the FUEL Page, go to MENU and replace the PAX Weight by "1".
    Back to the FUEL Page, enter "1" for the N° of PAX and then enter the CARGO as PAYLOAD from the PLOG.
    This will give the ZFW with 1 Kg extra (or 1 Lbs).
    Then you carry on the usual way for the FUEL.



  • Thanks JP, I actually never thought of that. I don’t suppose the Majestic chaps would consider correcting this logic in the FMS as it is technically incorrect?

  • I remember that we had a talk about it when we mentioned this small bug but, if I remember, our good friends from Majestic were rewriting all the programs for the PRO 64 bits and this would have been set aside. Do not forget that they are working on the TRAINING right now, so we'll see if this could be fixed in the future.

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