Assigning buttons via FSUIPC directly to XML interface controls


Pilots building home cockpits with hardware know the problem, that interfacing to the Q400 is not easy. Some functions can be implemented directly by using simulator events, some can be addressed by writing to LVars. But most of them are only accessible via the XML interface provided with the PRO version. To address these functions, you typically have to program some code (for example some LUA modules using FSUIPC).

I developed for my personal use a solution, which is simply a XML gauge, which you add to the panel and a macro file for FSUIPC calling custom KeyEvents trapped in this gauge, triggering calls to the XML interface.

By adding one line to each of these two files, you are able to assign any additional function from the XML interface, which then can be directly mapped via FSUIPC to buttons and switches.

Of course you must have knowledge about your installation and especially about the XML interface. But pilots building such hardware cockpits, are typically aware of these topics.

I use this implementation to map several functions to my GoFlight hardware (buttons and switches).

The solution is provided as it is - please understand that I cannot provide support. Also Majestic will not provide any support. As written in the ReadMe file, please make backups before editing something.

Nevertheless I want to share my solution here for the technical experienced users here. It adds an additional functionality to a great product. The ReadMe file provided in the enclosed ZIP file explains the installation and demonstrates, how you can add your own XML interface controls.

Best regards

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