Very very slow Elevator trim

Hello dear colleagues

I have a small problem and that is that when I turn off the autopilot before landing the trim moves very very slowly.I have programmed a button on the joystick for the trim but if I press this permanently, the trim moves only very very slowly backwards into the white drawn area. This leads in extreme cases to the fact that I can try to increase the pitch to plus 5 ° before Touch down, but have to use so much force, that the entire table moves with it, or i have unrealisic touch down rates of 600 ft and more. This does not happen on every flight but so far I have not been able to find out which mechanisms are behind it? Even tried it with different load settings but ...Does anyone have a clue/ Idea what the problem is about?

Ingo 😃


  • Hi Ingo,

    Saw this looking through. Are there any other buttons assigned that could cause a conflict? I had an issue recently where the Dash dived suddenly on short final. (Well documented in Forum). I eventually found the issue being double key assignment. I have the Honeycomb Yoke with a button assigned but then found the trim was also assigned to a Hotas key.



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