Issue with CPN Throttle Calibration

Hello all,
Need some help. I just bought a Honeycomb Bravo Throttle to use with the Majestic Q400. Now the issue I'm having is that when calibrating the throttles I can do so perfectly fine on all levers except one. The Control Panel only detects max or min values. So I am unable to calibrate each detent as it doesn't see anything in between only for that lever. I narrowed it down to only this aircraft. Works fine in other aircrafts and other sims, etc. In windows also the axis is working normal.
Any ideas what it may be? I also re-installed the Q400 as well.
The pictures attached are the only two values it sees regardless of the position of the lever. It is "POWER LEVER LEFT" that I'm having the issues with.

Regardless the position of the lever in it's axis it only sees a value of -16380 or a value of 65536. Only happening on one lever. All the others calibrate just fine.

Thank you!
-David A.

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