Control setup for Q400
  • I have been using FSX mainly for small light aircraft, but I decided to purchase the Q400 which i am gradually learning. I have been starting off on the runway but now I am starting at the gates. I can now program FMC and start from cold and dark etc etc

    I have just purchased a CH throttle quadrant and set it up with FSUIPC, but my joystick (sidewinder) is using the FSX internal controller as I dont know how to set it up with FSUIPC, When I turn left and right the Steering tiler is moving as well with the yoke? Is this correct. When I try taxi to the runway the plane wont turn?? I can see the rudder pedals moving too? Do I need to use Majestic's control panel and if so how do i set up everything?

    Sorry for the basic questions

  • Ok I have managed to seperate the tiler from the aileron, I just saw it in the q400 control panel. In FSUIPC when I assign an axis to steering tiler the rudder pedals move and not the tiler?
    When I move the tiler on the q400 manually the plane still doesnt turn when taxing?

    Any help please

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