Cockpit panel dimensions

I'm looking into the plausibility of designing hardware cockpit panels for the Q400. There does not seem to be a lot of information available on real-life sizes of the various panel components. I was considering using the bitmaps that come with the Q400 to figure out sizes but would need to know the scale (pixels/mm or similar). Alternatively if someone could provide me with a size of one of the cockpit panel units (such as the APU module) then I could figure out the rest. Also, this is assuming that the various bitmap files all use the same scale?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • Hi haeriphos,
    what‘s about the FMS screen diagonal? If I‘m not mistaken the FMS is equipped with a 5“ (12.7cm) diagonal flat panel display.


  • Hi haeriphos,
    an addition to my previous comment:
    Since the display has rounded corners it might be difficult to precisely measure it. I found the exact outer dimension of the 5“-UNS-1Fw which apparently can be mounted in the same slot:
    Width 5.75 inches
    Height 6.38 inches.

  • Hi Haeriphos

    I am also researching the dash 8 with a view to building a full hardware cockpit. I obtained a copy of a training poster from at a very reasonable price. ( digital download) I have printed sections off with panels scaled to 5.75 inches wide which has given me what i think is the correct sizes of the overhead panels. when I get to my workshop I will give you some sizes, but the poster has been very useful.


  • Thank you both for the input!

  • I have looked at my drawings and can give you the following dimensions

    DC control panel 146mm wide by 90mm high
    Exterior lights 146mm wide by 40mm high
    PFD Altimeter units 146mm wide by 40mm high
    ELT Flight Data RCDR 146mm wide by 55mm high
    Engine Start 146mm wide by 45mm high
    APU 146mm wide by 45mm high

    These are the sizes I get from measuring a print from my poster, I cant guarantee them ,but I think they are close.


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