I noticed two differents ground effect with the Q400 ??

The way I Understand the ground effect is:

1) As closer you come to the ground, the more nose heavy the aircraft becomes (negative torque).

2) As closer you come to the ground, the vertical speed is reduced.

Yesterday night, when I was approaching the the runway, i started to flare slowly at 30fts and added 4-5% of torque as suggested by Q400 pilot, but the Q400 was floating very severly and even with the yoke in neutral postiion, the aircraft was slowly pitching up. the 2) effect did behave correctly, maybe a bit too much.

I go around and did another attempt: this time passing 50 feets, i felt the q400 becoming nose heavy and needed a bit more back pressure to maintain path, this is what I would expect. Then at 30fts, I had 4-5% of torque and i really needed much more backpressure to flare compared to the first flare.

for information:

Q400 LW was close to the limit around 27.5tons
i was stable by 1000 fts: Flaps 15 / Vapp +5 kt
the CG was close to the FWD limit hence the need of more back pressure during flare than usual (i think)

Same wind condition.

I don't undersdtand why 2 different behaviour. Before I left p3D for XP11, i did noticed the 2 same different behaviour with the PMDG 737NGX. I thought it was a P3D issue but as the Q400 FDE is all done externally, I don't understand why I get this.

Any opinion/idea on the matter??

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