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On the Pro version you can configure the cockpit to be cold and dark, ready to taxi, etc

Wondering why this is not an option in the Pilot Version, as new pilots are getting acclimated to operations of the plane.

Is there another way to do this with the Pilot Version? Am I going to have to upgrade to the Pro Version :( ??


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    By default the pilot edition starts in an odd engines off state, where it's not in a proper turnaround configuration. None the less, it's fairly straight forward to turn it all off or start it with just a few clicks.

    There is a long winded workaround: whilst you cannot choose the panel state upon loading or via the FMS, the pilot edition still saves and loads panel states in conjunction with saving/loading flights in the simulator. So you can load a saved flight where you have the aircraft systems configured how you want, then afterwards use the sim menus to go to the airport you actually want to depart from.

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  • I went ahead and purchased the Pro Version. I am using Sim Brief to do the flight plan. Is there anyway (I know it takes away from the reality aspect) to load the flight plan in to the FMS and FSXSE so I can use the FSX ATC, etc?
    Sim Brief offers away to download the FlightPlan.fpr file. Where does this file have to be copied to?

    How about the FSX Flight Plan for ATC, etc??


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    Simbrief will export an FPR file the MJC8Q400 can read, although I think it omits SIDs/STARs. Bernd Laaß also made a converter that works with ASA RF, FSC and others at https://up2sky.dyndns.org:8443/FPRConverter/ And Intercity ACARS exports plans for you too ;-) #shamelessplug

    Save MJC8Q400 FPR flightplans in the SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\nav\routes. There is a LIST page in the FMS for loading saved routes but I can't remember how you get to it, sorry. I just input mine manually every time, only takes a couple of minutes.

    I presume SimBrief will export in the default P3D/FSX format however not sure how much use default ATC will be given they do not understand SIDs, STARs or altitude restrictions.

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  • Thanks for the info. Ideally I will be using Pilot2ATC which does support SIDS and STARS ETC...

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