Problem to engage AP

Hello, instead of using a mouseclick I want to engage the AP with the red button which is on the right side of my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke. On FSUIPC I go to Buttons + switches, push the mentioned button/Select for FS control and under "Control sent when button pressed" I enter Ap Master.
When I then push this button after TO, the only reaction is that the warning "AP disengaged" starts to flash. What can I do to use my red button to engage/disengage my AP?
Thanks in advance for your hints, Guenther


  • Hi,

    You have to code something in LUA using the XML Interface described by Majestic. Look for the command:
    AFCS_->inputs.mode_button with the parameter 11 to engage the AP.
    With parameter 10 STBY is triggered. Disengaging is triggred by AFCS_->inputs.AP_disengage

    If you are not aware how to do this, you might consider LINDA to connect your buttons to the Q400. search for LINDA and you will find the necessary information.


  • Thanks Reinhard, unfortunately things like LUA or LINDA are too strange for me. But I got a very simple solution from another Simmer: Just hit "Z" and the AP will engage or disengage. (Windows 10).
    Regards, Günther.

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