Flight director manual flown ILS approach


I have a problem with the flightdirector bars on a manual ILS approach.
As long a sthe autopilot follows the localizer and the glideslope, the flightdirector is exactly showing what you expect to see (2 centered bars). When I disconnect the autopilot everything stays fine as long as I exactly follow the glide and localizer. As soon as I deviate a bit from either the glide or the localizer (due to pure incapability of the pilot of course ;-) ) the flight director doesnt "direct" me back on track. when I get a bit left or right (1 dot), the flight director bars still stay perfectly centered as if I would be still perfectly established. The same goes for the glide. LOC and GS are still shown in green on the PFD.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this normal for the Q400?

Kind regards

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