Q-400 not showing up in aircraft (plus out of installs) FSX

So 4 years ago I bought the q-400 pilot edition. today I have become interested in flight sims again and I was able to get the key/install.

But after i install it it doesn't show up in the aircraft selection. it said "this installation package could not be opened"

i have tried to install it again e.g running in administrator. i was about to try to install it without the antivirus but i have run out of installs.


  • I seem to have the same issue, just done a clean install of everything on my computer, Dash 8 installed ok, but doesnt appear in the list of aircraft?

  • Sorry, think i have resolved it now with another reinstall. Doesnt seem to like the 1.20a mjc84_main.dll file though.

  • I recently had the same challenge; it was caused by me deleting and reinstalling multiple times while trying to sort a problem.. I hadn't realised you are limited to a small number of reinstalls in any given month. Majestic can 'reset' your download 'meter' if you ask nicely.

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