Visibility through the windscreen

Today I noticed big difference in visibility through the windscreen to the outside, between the VC and 2D panels.
In daytime / clear wx the view through the 2D windscreen was very clear; however when switching to the
VC the visibility was dramatically reduced as though flying through fog at twilight. It could be "operator error",
but if so, what could I have overlooked and why would it be affecting the 2D and VC views differently ?
I ensured that the demisters were open. Below are links to two screen captures to help illustrate ......

Best to all,
Ken Boardman
Win 7-64, FSX Acceleration, Q400 Pro (updated to 1.020a)


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    Those are fogged up windows. Turn the window heat knob to norm, it's bottom left of the overhead. There are no windows in the 2D panel, so no fog.

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  • Thank you for he tip. I did check the window heat knob. Perhaps I was not patient enough, or misinterpreted the switches' position. We'll see what happens next
    Ken B.

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