A couple of FMS qustions

Navigraph updated.

1 . Between ENBR and ENCN - at a point the aircraft does not follow direction to next waypoint. It continues straight head on the same heading. The PFD do switch to next waypoint.
I have to use HDG sel and DTO to get back normal FMS.

Tried this flight several times, same error. I build the flightplan manually no fancy create and dump into FMS.

  1. VNAV does not activate. (No movement) Could be a part of error mentioned above.
    To be sure:
    When do you hit the vnav button?
    Prior to the cursor starts to move down?
    When it starts to move-
    or when the cursor pass center?

  2. Where to find info of ILS freq and course on FMS?
    I found it before, but now I am not able to find the page again.



  • Hi,

    1. Please provide some more information on that one. Maybe a screenshot of the ND, FMS NAV page or the name of the leaving and inbound waypoints.
    2. The magenta line will appear 2 minutes prior TOD. You can then arm VNAV and it will automatically lock when passing TOD.
    3. FPL -> MENU 2/2 -> APPR PLAN
  • I did reinstall.
    Works fine now - Both the waypoint change and erratic vnav activation.

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