transition between the PRO VERSION and the TRAINING VERSION

good morning
I have a question. how many look with confidence the release of the training version, but we have no idea when it may happen, I would like to build my dash8 home cockpit, I already have the PRO version, and I would like to buy the version for P3DV4, if I start to assign all the various functions and variables with the PRO version P3DV4, can also be used for training version or I have to start over, I explain better, all the work of assigning commands using the cards LEO BODNAR AND ULTIMARC together with SPAD.NEXT as I do now can be saved and reused with the TRAINING VERSION or should I delete everything and start from the beginning? thank you very much for your kindness.


  • The hardware interface for input devices will be different from the the PRO version, allowing for the use of multiple interfaces, however it will still utilize the Variables List that is currently provided with the PRO Edition, and to add the interface is more intuitive than the current one.

    The Cockpit Hardware Interface is a UDP based network interface, which allows numerous MJC8 Q400 components, such as our separate instrument executable, the 2D panel executables, as well as the custom built Dash-8 hardware - to be linked, enabling the user to build a full or a partial hardware cockpit

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