FDSFX and DASH 8 Q400

I have been trying to install Marcus Thompson's FDSFX flight deck announcement panel into my Q400. I have used it in quite a number of other aircraft from FS2004 when it was first announced and uploaded to AVSIM. It is a really nice addon to an aircraft I feel. Problem. Every time I installed it using FS Panel Studio DASH 8 did a whole lot of "funny" things like APU switches not working or knobs not turning and all the screens dark. After the last 5 days of fantastic support from MJC even though its not their gauge(s) and they do say that if they didn't develop they don't support it; they helped me out greatly. At their suggestion I entered the FDSFX panel into the DASH 8 panel using a text editor and Marcus's original readme of how to install it that way. SUCCESS!!! One slight problem...the switches on the panel were slightly out of alignment so I opened up the panel in FSPS just to realign switches and saved the changes. Bad mistake! the panel problems all returned telling me that FSPS and MJC DASH 8 "don't play nice together" LOL. I reopened up both panel.cfg's in Notepad ++ and copied the switch gauge coordinates from the new to the old. Deleted the new panel.cfg and renamed the backup panel.cfg and the problems all disappeared and it works perfectly. I am sharing this here for anyone who has FDSFX and would like to have the expanded announcements instead of the default ones as I desired. I have a lot of experience with FDSFX if you need help just let me know even how to record custom announcements for a specific airline if you have the ability and a cooperative "flight attendant" (wife, sister or girlfriend) willing to sit in front a mic for a few hours.

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