Steep approach LCY

Loving the dash. When attempting to land at LCY I just cant seem to arrest the sink rate to make a smooth landing. Ive read the other posts regarding techniques, but the real dash doesnt seem to behave quite so abruptly into the flare from a 5.5 degree approach and fall out of the sky like the majestic one does...

See vid below.

Pilot begins flaring around 50 and it all comes together really nicely. If I do this same technique in the Majestic im smashing into the ground. The wings just dont provide enough lift and the sink continues no matter the pitch up...I read that the wings are notorious for losing lift in other posts..I also read adding power to help arrest the sink rate. But it just seems much more dramatic in the sim..the real plane doesnt seem to be affected quite so badly. Maybe “ground effect” plays a part here. Have no idea if its modelled.

Worth noting im bang on the profile on speed autopilot off props max flaps 35 as per sops.




  • Maybe this will help, the FCOM requirements:

    Steep Approach and Landing
    The following limitations apply to steep approaches and landings.
    • A flap setting of 35° must be used.
    • The EGPWS must be serviceable.
    • A screen height of between 35 ft and 60 ft is applicable.
    • Anti-skid brake control system must be serviceable.
    • Flight spoilers must be operative in the Ground mode.
    • Maximum runway slope is ±0.5%.
    • The maximum tailwind component for landing is 5 knots.
    • Maximum landing mass is 26,308 kg.
    • Minimum height for transition to the steep approach is 1000 ft AGL.
    • Landing gear down, flap 35º and Condition levers to MAX, must be selected prior to
    commencing a steep approach.
    • A steep approach must not be commenced or continued with only one engine
    • Minimum height for go-around following an engine failure is 300 ft AGL, flap 35º.
    Note: Height loss in the go-around, following an engine failure, is 150 ft.
    • Minimum DH is 300 ft Above Runway Threshold Elevation (ARTE).

  • Flight director must be off also, it's not certified for steep approach. So you do it all on raw ILS data or visual.

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  • yep,
    The steep approach is not cleared for:
    Cat I autopilot (coupled) and flight director (manual) approaches.
    Note: The Flight Director will give erroneous indications if not deselected.

    • Cat II operations.
    • Contaminated runway operations.

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