Hand Flying: Flight Profiles


I've been hand flying the Q400 pilot edition on P3Dv4 and I'm struggling to get the aircraft conforming to the power/attitude profiles I'm using. I'm flying with an average gross weight of around 29 tonnes.

As an example I'm trying to climb at 180kts with flaps 5°. I'm setting 63% torque with an attitude of roughly 5° nose up. Typically I'm finding myself being 5-10kts too fast whilst doing this.

Whereas when I'm on approach with flaps 15° and gear down, I'll set 15% torque with an attitude of 0.5°. I'm aiming for 130kts during this, however my speed keeps dropping off to around 120kts.

I've been playing around with the weight and balance to try and get these profiles matching up, but haven't had too much luck so far. Anyone have any tips?


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