cabin temperature works, flt compartment does not work

hi everyone
I hope that they can help me because I don't understand
1) I am configuring these 2 variables of the air conditioning panel "Air =>Controls cabin _Temp_regulator", AND "Air => Controls_fltcomp_Temp_Regulator" on the "cabin temp regulator" no problem the interface of the LEO BODNAR board works regularly, I turn the potentiometer around and it also turns the knob on the dashboard overhead panel, but the variable "fltcomp temp regulator "does not work, I turn the potentiometer and nothing, it remains still and I have programmed both variables in the same way, I don't think there are any differences in the description variables, you know the reason why this happens?

2) can you me please explain how I can use the description (0-0xFFFF) are values of the variable ??because the interface I use only accepts numbers, points and lines, thanks.

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