DCT WPT in flightplan


I am running into an issue with entering a DCT WPT in the flightplan in the Dash's FMC.

PFDX generated a flightplan that contains a DCT WPT close to my destination. When I tried to enter this WPT using the INT function, I was given 37 pages (!) of intersections in which I did not find the required waypoint. It seems like the intersections are only the closest one to the departure airport.

When I tried to enter the name of the waypoint in this page, I was unable because the entry is limited to two characters.

Is there any way to enter a intersection directly (i. e. keying in the name)? Of course, I can use a work-around to leave a "NO LINK" in the flightplan and then use DTO when I have reached the final waypoint but I think there is another way I was yet unable to find.



  • When using DTO, you have to scroll through the list of waypoints (the list of waypoints are all the waypoints that you have in the FPL page). Once you find the one you want to fly direct to, you have to type the corresponding number next to the waypoint, NOT the name itself, into the text box. Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, that should help

  • On the INT page, the input field is only for inputting the position number of the displayed waypoints, same as before when entering / selecting airways, Rwy or Approach methods. If you want to enter a DCT with the flight plan input, you can do this directly on the FPL page by directly typing the point (NO LINK field). The point appears in a selection window or a list of points with the same name. Based on the coordinates of the PFPX OFP you are looking for the right one out. During the flight, it is similar, if it concerns a later point in the flight plan, you click on the waypoint, which should follow the DCT, enter this again as above. The DCT function (key) in flight causes the selected or entered navigation point to fly directly from the current position (PPOS)

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