Is it worth buying or better waiting?

Hello there,
Is it worth buying Q400 today thinking that next year new models will come with new technology and probably a lot of improvements?
I am doubting if I should buy it now that still has discount at SimMarket. As far as I know and although this is one of the best addons for Prepar3D, it is several years old and maybe it won't receive big updates so I am wondering if it is better to wait for new ones with better textures, visuals and build from zero.
New models will be apart and not expansions.
Discounts will end next Sunday so, could someone please help me to decide?
Thanks very much.


  • Hello Xiropillo,

    I Have no financial involvement with MJC who make the Q400, I am just a simple customer.

    I got the Pilot for FSX in 2013, the Pro in 2015 and the 64 bits for P3D in 2018.
    I do not fly (virtually) any other commercial plane and I have few thousand hours on the MJC Q400.

    I flew (RW) a good bit of aircrafts (not the Q400) so it appears to me very realistic and regarding the systems it is like the real thing.

    One thing to be aware of is that it is a very complicated aircraft and it is reproduced exactly even with the few oddities of the real Q400.

    I fly her nearly everyday and with PFPX it works perfectly regarding speed, load, fuel.

    The training version should be out in a near future and it would give some extra features which could be very useful.

    Finally, there are some little bugs (like undercarriage retractation, APU lights flickering) but the developers are always there to help.

    I would strongly recommand to buy the Q400 but you need to have some basic flying knowledge to fully enjoy her.


  • Thanks very much for your opinion and recommendations.

    I use to fly complicated aircrafts and the part that I most enjoy about it is from Cold and Dark to take off. Once airborne it gets me bored unless I fly using old way (VOR to VOR) until preparing approach.

    So I think this deep in systems model will add a new joy to this hobby,

    The only doubt I had was because of the "old" this model is (regarding textures, not being PBR and missing all the improvements that visually the new models have).

    Of course it will beat most of them in systems but as next year they will release the shorter versions, for sure they will have all of this new staff and I don't know if Q400 would receive improvements so I would be buying an outdated add-on.

    But this will happen next year, and next year is long, so probably it will be worth to enjoy this one meanwhile and time will say about what's coming next.

    Thanks again and keep on enjoying.


  • Finally bought it yesterday night.

    Impressed of quality of 3D model and cockpit. Some blurry letters but no problems.
    Thanks very much for recommending it.



  • Hello Xiropillo,

    I think you did a right move as you got it with a rebate.
    I am sure you are going to enjoy flying her.

    If sometimes you find the letters too small or blurry especially when taking off or landing you can do it that way which is much clearer:



  • Thanks very much.
    Sorry my fault not explaining clear.
    I was referring to letters in the panels. Overhead for example. White letters over grey panels.
    This happened always with old addons and was improved with 2K and 4K textures. For example MaddogX was improved in the latest updates.
    Not important and understandable as this was developed years ago.

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