How to setup the rudder - help

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Hello guys, I haven't been using the q400 that much lately but now with some new sceneries, etc. I want to do some routes, I do not have any pedals only a yoke and a joystick with rudder axis or twist axis I can say, I usually use that for all my aircrafts rudder, I tried to setup the q400 but even removing the steering option in the VC the aircraft wont turn, I have FSUIPC but not sure how compatible the q400 is with it, basically my question is how to setup the rudder on the q400 using a joystic axis and the yoke will be for the ailerons, elevators, etc. Thanks for any help! not sure how to setup properly on the desktop tool in order to make it turn normally. Also yes gear pins removed.

Thanks for any help!

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