[BUG] Incorrect hydraulic quantities

Firstly, background information: I am a mechanic working on Q400s (and bunch of other aircraft) both in heavy and line maintenance.

I've noticed all hydraulic quantities are pegged at 100% both at 0 and 3000psi, which is actually incorrect. Here are excerpts from AMM showing the correctly serviced systems at 0psi will be at 75% and when at 3000psi, a little bit lower.

Here are the placards for no1 and no2 system, showing full at 0psi, full at 3000psi and refill(minimum) at 3000psi

And here is the portion of the procedure showing what the capacities of no1 and no2 system are (8.3qt and 12.5qt)

Taking no1 as example: fully serviced at 0psi at a common temperature in a hangar of 70F, quantity should be 6.35qt, which is 76% of capacity. 75% is an acceptable common practice when servicing on the line (fluid is hotter, outside temps vary, etc.)

Quantity difference between 0 and 3000psi is under 0.8 quart (6-9%), because if it's more, there is air in the system and has to be bled.
Also, over time, fluid will move from no1 to no2 due to combination of foot pedal application and setting of parking brakes where fluid transfers from no1 to no2 via the shuttle valve. In daily operation, fluid always moved from no1 to no2 and we almost always service no1, drain no2 and drain no2 overflow bottles.



Fantastic product otherwise! Helped me when I started working as an apprentice on Q400 :)

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