Circuit breakers regarding failures

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I've searched for this question but cant really find what i'm looking for .Should you check if a circuit breaker is popped every time jump in the 400 or will it never happen is what i'd like to know . when i was getting my commercial license the instructor would some time pull out a circuit breaker un purpose to see if i would catch it. And when i use to hang out with the flight crew on out 727 going up to Yellow knife and up to the gold mine in Lupin our engineer if we stayed over night in Yellowknife where 40 below the norm he would pull out every breaker to make sure there was no draw . Couple days ago me and my friend were leaving Ottawa on vatsim minus 20 and blowing snow ,did everything in the check list ,went to start and it wouldn't start, we both had active sky he laughed till he went to start his Q400 and it wouldn't start either,we both deiced and away engines started . So now i don't trust anything regarding failures on this bird and would like to know if one day i'm gonna get in it and a circuit breaker will be popped . It says default failures but i really don't know how deep it goes ---Louis cyyc

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