Interfacing Rotary Encoder

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience interfacing external hardware to the MJC, I'm looking at getting the autopilot panel from, and I think I'd be able to interface the various buttons on the AFCS easily enough to the MJC by using the ini since each is tied to an offset and command, but not clear how I could use the rotary encoders (especially for the pitch wheel, which does different things depending on the AP mode, IAS/pitch/VS).



  • Take a look into LINDA. There is a specific MJC Q400 file that someone put together which you can google for. I believe they posted it on the AVSIM forums. I built my own panel/button box setup complete with 4 rotary encoders. The encoders work and get assigned through LINDA. I'm currently having some trouble with the HDG, ALT SEL and CRS encoders..they work for a while but after so many twists and turns of the encoder, the steps it uses get larger. For example, using the HDG encoder it will start out working in 1 degree increments and after a while it goes to 10 degree increments. Same with the ALT SEL rotary. Initially, it works with 100 ft increments and then goes to 1000 ft increments. I haven't taken the time to figure out why yet, but I'm sure there's a fix.

    To answer your question, I do have one encoder setup for the Pitch wheel. It functions exactly as it should when you change modes on the AFCS. It controls IAS, VS and PITCH just fine.

    Hopefully when MJC releases the training edition, we will have the ability to assign these functions through their own GUI and won't have to use backdoor techniques like LINDA to get our hardware to work. :)

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