AP disengage when flaps deloy

After Q400 update I have an issue with Autopilot .AP disengage when deploy flaps.
Can anyone help my with this issue?


  • sure you don't have double assignment ?

  • hi,
    yes I have the same problem - but only when selecting flaps 5 with a joystick button, the AP disconnencts immediately (re-installed the latest Q400 update, checked all joystick assignments, different speeds checked).
    keyboard F6/F7 and with mouse directly on flaps handle it works fine - no AP disconnect. some kind of strange - never had that before.
    greetings, sky62

  • Hi,

    Did you also check your INI file of the Q400? There is an entry in the joystick assignment for the AP disengage:

    ; AP DISC

    Please ensure, that the ";" is in front of the assignment so that it does not fire the AP DISC, if you hit that button. If this is the same button, which you assigned for the flaps, then it's logical, that the AP disconnects.


  • hi Reinhard,
    oh you made my day.....
    I have set another button for AP DISC now. and discovered TCS...
    cool thank you so much

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