CTD in P3D v4.5 when loading saved scenario with 1.20b update to PRO

I cannot load a saved situation with the 1.20b update with the PRO aircraft. P3D v4.5 crashes to desktop.

I believe that all was fine with the aircraft updated to 1.20a.


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    Looks like a workaround is possible which I have tested and works:


    Note that this posting dates back to January 2019 and the problem still exists in February 2020 with the 1.20b update. Just to recap, load the PRO aircraft on the ground and then save the situation in P3D v4.5. Without exiting P3D v4.5, load the previously saved situation (which resulted in the CTD) and voila, the situation loads correctly without a CTD. Is this still pending a fix, or had it been fixed but reappeared following the 1.20b update?

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