Navaid sources

Does the Q400 use the actual navaids (loc, ils, ndb etc.) in the sim or an internal AIRARC based DB? I suspect the latter one, because I was trying to fly the LOC approach into ENNK, but I could not tune the localizer. ENNK is close down, so I guess it was not included in the latest AIRARC that was shipped with the Q400?

Is there a way for the Q400 to use the actual navaids in the sim?


  • I think Dash uses its database. Nevertheless, I had negative dependencies with old frequencies from a traffic tool. I only received the ILS signal correctly after deactivating the affected airport in the tool. It was a Rwy in EPKT. With the airport active in the tool, even though the Dash had new data, I was still on the old Rwy, now taxiway. guided. If you have not yet updated your simulator yourself, stand on the Rwy with a standard Cessna without your own navigation database and test the frequency.

  • It uses its own database and whatever AIRAC you have in there. You can obviously do things the good old way and tune the navaids yourself if the Q400 doesn't know 'em.

  • No, thats the problem. When tuning the navaid, the radio does not pick them up unless it’s in the Q400’s own db
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