Tail heavy.

With c/g in center of envelope, the aircraft is still tail heavy. It pitch up too fast after TO, even with trim in front of white band. And very sluggish on landing.
Must load with c/g nose heavy to make a stable flight.
It feels that white band painted to far back. I cannot imagine a c/g with trim in the middle of white band.
All trim in my flights are from the front end of white band and forward..


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    Nice read.
    Strange that sluggish behavior on approach is not addressed. With c/g in center around 95, even the AP fight to keep it on GS. Hand flying is difficult too.
    With c/g well forward it is different beast to fly, much much more stable, and pleasure to fly. - No doubt it is way to tail heavy. The MJM control panel weight balance setting does not reflect the sim in flight. Too bad if MQ400 collecting dust on simmers HD because they find it hard to control.
    I been away from sim for a while, and started up again this week. I do not remember this issue before, but I could lucky with c/g setting back then...

  • Hi,

    If you have problems with landing, you should read this document from the Majestic website:


    Following these hints make life at landing easier. And yes - it's practice, practice, practice...


  • Thanks.
    Tail heavy is extremely difficult, even with practice. Flying model aircraft you should know. Moving c/g well forward, MJQ400 is very stable on approach and landing.

  • Solved -- did a reinstall. Trim is now correct.
    The reason for reinstall will make you laugh.
    Condition lever 1 started to be erratic. Sometimes moving a notch with throttle movement, and a few times with rudder.
    A complete reinstall did not fix it. But key assignment reset to default did.
    Putting key assignment back and the lever was erratic again.
    The culprit was prop adjustment set for A2A Comanche. I designated it to the thumb wheel on throttle.
    No doubt I had changed my throttle hand grip slightly and touching the thumb wheel when operating throttle. (Made a file specific for q400 to avoid this)
    A side effect of reinstall:
    Trim work as intended.

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