Nose Wheel Sterring not working

My nose wheel steering has suddenly stopped working. I flew the Dash 8 one week ago, and it was working fine, but today it doesn't work at all.
I have tried re-installing the aircraft, and it still won't work.
I have also tried using the ailerons mode and the spoilers mode, and neither works.
Everything seems to be set up correctly - hydraulics are on, nose wheel sterring switch is on.
I can also see in the MJC84 Control Panel that the Tiller axis is moving, but it doesn't respond in the aircraft.
This is very odd as i haven't changed anything in P3D since I last flew the Dash 8.


  • Disregard the abovce. I believe i have sorted the issue.
    Seemed to be a file permission issue with the .ini file.

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