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Fellow Airmen,

Well, November is upon us and almost coming to an end. We hope that everyone is doing their best to stay safe and follow required protocols in doing so when and where possible.

That being said the raging question in the room "what is the status of the TRAINING Edition"? We had hoped that by this time we would have been getting ready for an official release, but unfortunately, that is not the case. The development progress of the MJCQ400 Training/Cockpit Edition was temporarily stopped due to adaptations required for the PILOT & PRO Editions prior to the official release of Prepar3D v5. We still await LM's implementation of the PDK feature set required for full functionality of the Control Panel (CPAN), which we hoped would have been addressed in v5.1.

We are still working on, but getting closer to the completion of the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) functionality. Many have asked so what is so important about the FDR and why can it not be added later. Implementing a good quality Flight video recording feature requires numerous changes to the communication platform of the Q400, which affects all of the systems, and for this reason, it can not be postponed until after the release.

As most of you are aware there is now a Cockpit Edition and this too is being worked on alongside the TRAINING Edition and coming along quite well. While many are still asking about estimated release times, this is simply a path that we dare not venture on as estimates for tentative release are often postponed causing more disappointment among the community.

Our plan moving forward:
Upon completion of the TRAINING/COCKPIT Editions ALL versions of the Q400 add-on will be updated. We are looking into a few visual enhancements and also addressing some of the outstanding bugs. So what we plan on doing is getting some feedback from you our users to see what enhancements for the Q400 would like to be seen (yes, we know TrueGlass and PBR are among the top few). A SUGGESTIONS post has been created in the forum allowing users to provide some input. Granted not everything will be added, but we'll look at the more practical and feasible ones for consideration.

Regarding FS 2020 there really isn't anything further to add from what we expressed in our previous post. Asobo seems to be busy updating the platform which is always a good thing, and we can only hope that in the background an SDK allowing for our continued development on this platform will become available.

[NOTAM 20202311]

As always, we thank you for your continued patience and support.


The Majestic Software Team

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