125 Hz Pro controls config tool/wizard

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This was previously posted in the old forums but as they're not searchable any more I thought I'd post it again here.

The external flight dynamics engine (FDE, NASA JSBSim) of the Q400 runs at 125 Hz (normal FSX/P3D addons would run at the simulator framerate). The Q400 Pro version allows you to supply control inputs at this same 125 Hz for smoother and more precise flight but it must be configured in the mjc84.ini which can be quite complicated as you need to know the names of your controller's various axes.

The Majestic Q400 Pro 125Hz Controls Config Tool provides a graphic user interface (GUI) that will identify the axes and edit the mjc84.ini for you, enabling 125 Hz controls without the need to know/input any code or syntax!


Instructions, requirements and prerequisites are provided at the above link. This works with the Q400 PRO VERSION ONLY.
Please do not hotlink to the file or upload to other servers (provide a link to the above forum post instead).


  • Hey,

    I have a brunner yoke that creates a virtual joystick and it doesn't work with the software. Even if the software reconized my virtual joystick, when moving the axes, the figure are not mmoving

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    The tool just reads the values from DirectInput like the aircraft would. We never tested with virtualised controllers so don't offer official support for them, it's possible they don't present to DirectInput normally so the tool cannot fully detect them. Either that or a controller misconfiguration or driver issue.

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  • Can someone post a link to instructions or video on how to use this, those provided on the website and the included download are pretty vague

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