Shortcut to operate condition levers and auto rudder

Hey guys. What’s the shortcut key to operate the condition levers. Driving me nuts doing it with the mouse. Also how can I make the rudder auto?
Thanks heaps


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    The shortcut for the condition levers in FSX and or P3D are the same as the default FSX/P3D - CTRL+F1 - F4 (TBH, I have not used the keyboard logic for quite some time now, but we have not made any changes to its functionality).

    The MJC84.ini located in the root folder of the Q400 has a switch for AUTO RUDDER functionality if users do not own a rudder. This can be found under the [FLIGHT CONTROL] section which by default is set to 0.0. Changing this value to 1.0 will enable AUTO RUDDER.


  • Hey thanks. It seems like the CL can only go all the way to max or back to cut off. Nothing inbetween. Is this correct? I would like to be able to set climb power and cruise power etc
  • You are also able to use the F2 key for incremental advancement and F3 for incremental bringing them back down through the ranges to fuel cutoff.
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