home cockpit project, last work


  • this is my last work finished, i hope you like it, thanks to majestic for the great product, the next step, the autopilot

  • thanks kroswynd

  • Hello Toppe,

    I watched carefully your video and I am amazed to see that everything is functional, even the temperature control, the spring loaded starter selector, the special video screen made to the exact size, etc.

    I do not have the clue how these things works with computers but I understand that it would have been quite time consuming to get these results.

    Very nice realistic work. Congratulations.


  • thank you jpgmultimodal
    yes you are right, very demanding, but in the end the results seem to pay for the expenditure of energy.
    thanks for your opinion.

  • Very impressive! How did you do the interfacing? UDP?
  • no, I use SPA.NEXT as an interface program, and leo bodnar cards for inputs and ultimarc for outputs

  • OK, cool. Did not know that you could get outputs from Spad.next

  • you need the appropriate cards, the ULTIMARC placled 64

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