Engines start up

Hi, recently i have reinstalled Q400 PRO into P3D5.3.
The issue i experience is that after longer period of time which i use for FMC programming and plane preparation engines do not start.
During my preparations i am on external power so batteries are not drained,
If i try to run engines just after loading the plane, or after short time of setting things then engines start up normally, if waiting time is let's say 20min, then engines spool up 19.8/30 and nothing is going on.
How to deal with this issue?



  • Hi,
    What are the weather conditions at your time of departure. If it is snowing or freezing rain then the engines will not start due to possible snow/ice on the engine intake heaters

  • edited January 2023

    Indeed it was snowy and misty. Shall i use intake heaters prior start up?

  • And more than likely deicing. Do a search on the forum for more info
  • Visually plane was not covered with ice so i did not linked those two factors - thanks for help.

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