activation issue?

i have this problem every time i install the Q400 even with firewall/anitvirus programs off it still happens... does anybody know why or what can help?
Problem started after i upgraded in justflight store.


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    Running the installer with admin privileges might do the trick, or so I hear.

  • Hello,

    The issues you speak of sound indicative of protection issues.

    1. The aircraft must be installed using Administrator Rights by right-clicking on the installer and choosing Run as Administrator.
    2. Install the aircraft to its intended path.
    3. Be sure to allow the DirectX and Simconnect.
    4. If you are trying to install a 32bit program into a 64 bit simulator, you could also have these issues. So you mentioned that you have upgraded the Q400:
      a.) Are you upgrading from a 32bit sim to a 64 bit sim?
      b.) Are you upgrading from the PILOT edition to the PRO edition?
      You need to ensure that you are using the correct installer & installation credentials for that installer as well

    If during your attempts to install your installations become exhausted - then to have installations reinstated you need to write to the Support Department via email with a descriptive explanation as to why your installations have been exhausted. Be sure to include your purchase credentials used from the vendor.

    a. Full Name
    b. Vendor
    c. Order Number
    d. Email


  • I always launch installers in Admin mode.
    it is p3d v4 version and i own p3d v4

    it is the pro version

    but now that i try to install it again, when i try to activate it, it says that it cant connet to server...

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    I have got the same issue. Using Version 1.021 I am trying to to a reinstallation for P3D V5. After lauching the installer I entered the required data as Simmarket order number, Mail and last name and then always receive "can not connect to server" message.

    As all other activations I just did (PMDG) were working I don't expact the problem on my side.

  • I also have got the same issues with reinstallation/installation under p3d v5 or v4. it doesn´t matter. Running the installer as Administrator.


  • Folks the second alternative that is on my post is to contact us via Support.

  • My problem is solved - I guess there was a problem with majestic's server as also the member area was not reachable during noon.

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