Aircraft sinks below ground when GPU activated

Thanks for the P3D V5.x update. Discovered an issue when the GPU (ground power unit) is activated, the aircraft sinks into the tarmac. As soon as I deactivate the GPU, aircraft returns to normal ground level.

Unlisted video of before and after

Cheers, Rob.


  • Hi Rob,

    Are you by chance also using Immersion Manager by //42, as this as of late seems to be causing some issues for some users. Closing it seems to address the issue (which we know is not the fix). Some users have reached out to //42 and are still awaiting a response.

    If this is not the case then we may have a potential problem.

    Keep us posted


  • Hi Sim,

    There is no P3D V5.x Immersion Manager for this aircraft (only for V4.x) ... I go thru Orbx front end and the Q400 is not listed. So no, I don't have it installed for Q.

    It's reproducible my end by simply requesting the GPU (ground power unit), the aircraft then sinks into the ground, as soon as I cancel the GPU, aircraft raises back up at correct ground height.

    I was thinking perhaps the GPU model height parameters are triggering Aircraft to lower also as the model appears to be "attached".

    Cheers, Rob.

  • Hi Sim,

    Per our discussion, I disabled //42 Immersion Manager (generic not Q400 specific) and that did solve both issues:

    1. Aircraft/GPU sinking into the ground
    2. In flight "jitters" (not stutters but jitters)

    You folks might want to hit Ed/Keven up at //42 up on the issue and get their thoughts. It does seem to be specific to the Q (PMDG, QW working fine) most likely due to how you folks implement your own flight physics.

    Cheers, Rob.

  • Yeah I would love to be able to use q400 immersion in V5. I know that 42 said they intended to try and fix it this year, but it was a loose commitment.

  • Rob,

    Great to hear that the issue was correctable. I'll certainly see if I can reach out to Keven and see what may be achievable, as it seems like some users have not had much luck getting a hold of //42 (or at least a response regarding the matter).

  • Hey guys. I realized the issue for me too. I am in V4.5 with HF3 and downloaded the newest installer for the dash.

    My GPU and Dash are sinking in the ground, as long the immersion manager is active in the taskbar. Even when i uninstall the complete immersion for the Dash, i have the sinking issue as well. Only when i shut down the immersion manager, pause the sim short after the pause it comes out of the ground to a normal level...

    I love the dash but i love the immersion too... still no fix for that?

    Regards Marius

  • Marius,

    As you aware Majestic does not develop the immersion manager, and this is not. Q400 issue as the aircraft works as it shoud without the immersion manager. This seemingly does not relate to the Dash 8 immersion but again more so specifically to the manager.

    So it's a bit difficult to fix some that is causing the Q400 to do something other than how it is programmed to operate under normal circumstances. I did test the Q400 immersion when P3D v5 was released had there were no issues of this nature, there were some but the developers got a handle on it and got it going.

    Since the Q400 technically sits in a floating space due to its flight dynamic modeling it appears that when the immersion manager is active it is changing the position of the Q400. The developers did an amazing job getting the Q400 immersion to work as it poses many challenges that other aircraft designed for P3D so not, again due to the FDE.

    Seems like there may have to be 3 options when operating the Q400 for the time being.

    1. Leave in its present state until //42 can address the issue.

    2. MEL the GPU and use the APU which coild possibly cause an imbalance requiring you to transfer fuel if you are over the fuel imbalance allowance, which more than likely will not happen.

    3. Perform battery starts if your APU quits on you, can be a somewhat common occurrence, but not modeled at present in the Dash.

    I don't recall if the Q400 immersion will still work without the manager as I have not used it in a while .
  • I know that it is not the fault of the Q400... :) Don`t get me wrong. I have read here about and i hoped that there is a fix or workarround.

    Anyway. You are right, Paralell42 had to fix this.

    I guess when the manager is off, the effects would not be work, but i will try next days.


    Thank you for response. Will report back.


  • Hey guys me again. I think i found a fix for the sinking Q400. Made a flight with Immersion Manager On, effects work and she is not sinking in the ground. I uninstalled in ORBX Central the Paralell42 Immersion for Q400, the Immersion Manager and Immersion Installer.
    After that i reinstalled all three and it works 😅😄😍🥳
    Try it please and report back if somebody else got this problem too, maybe it helps <3

    Wonderful Aircraft

    Good Night...


  • is your fix still holding? This would seem like an incredibly easy fix that seems to have stumped 42 for a longtime.

  • I will try it today again. Will report back. And will install the latest installer again. Standby :D

  • Yes, can confirm. Please somebody else should test it.

    Installed with the latest installer. Both versions work.

    Immersion Manager, Immersion Installer and Immersion it self, all three have to be uninstalled, i reinstalled the aircraft and installed all three Paralell42 products again... it works. I love this bird. <3


  • I will have to test also. thanks

  • I too have the sinking Q400 (P3Dv5) and the jitters in flight. Like everyone else uninstalling Imersion manager from ORBX Central and it goes away. I have posted in Paralell42 support forum but no answer yet from Edson or Kevin.

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