Throttle moves in sim But No Movement on Engine Display Gauge

I am having problems getting the Q400 to move. My Yoke (Honeycomb Alpha) functions normally in the sim. It's my Saitek X52 "Throttle" is where I am having an issue. It was a combo with the Saitek joystick I had. The throttle connects independently into my computer via a USB. It does not have to be connected to the joystick, as it works with other P3D aircraft. I also use this setup in MSFS2020. So, getting back to the issue. I did not previously have any problems with the throttle in my old setup. I have used cpan and it recognizes the throttle movement. I'm at a loss, not sure why the Q400 sim is not reacting to my throttle inputs. Everything seems to be functioning with cpan.



  • Forget it! All is well... My Mistake. I did not move the condition levers to 100%. That's why I couldn't move. Good thing about this post, it got me to using the cpan sensitivity setting app for my Yoke and Tiller.


  • Thanks for the update

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