Loss of Landing Lights Texture

Q400 Pro in FSX. I've lost the landing light "bloom", it has reverted to a star shaped blueish light. I suspect another aircraft install may have overwritten something. All the Majestic .fx files appear to be intact. Are there any other textures, global FSX textures that Majestic used for the landing lights? I'd prefer not to have to reinstall the entire aircraft/liveries to get this working. It also appears other aircraft have been affected in addition to the Q400. Any help would be appreciated.


  • You certainly installed a third party addon or utility that has caused this. I have seen this behavior before on some pics of the Q400.

    I would start by looking a utility that manipulates airport environment lighting. I doubt that another aircraft installation would change them, but don't quote me on that.
  • Thanks for the quick reply kroswynd. Ok, I won't hold you to other aircraft being the culprit for now. I haven't installed any utilities in a long time but I have installed scenery. So you've help me narrow down a place to start searching. I had an issue with the halo.bmp texture quite a while back that created havoc with quite a bit of lighting but that file appears fine. I'll keep searching.

  • Solved. The Q400's landing light effect is MJC_Landlight_halo_fx. That effect uses the texture fx_2.bmp, as do many other effects. Something I installed replaced the fx_2.bmp texture with one of their own (naughty naughty). In any case, luckily I had a back up install and replaced the texture. So back to normal.

  • Thanks for the update... Good to hear things are back to normal.
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