Installs Exhausted

I recently purchased and installed the Majestic dash 8 for p3d v4 and v5. Subsequently, but not directly attributable to this software, my simulator experienced several ctd and I was obliged to uninstall and reinstall p3d a number of times. I reinstalled the dash 8 each time. Now I have no more installations left!! I have written to support and await a response. In the meantime, if I upgrade to the Pro version, will I get more installs. Also could someone explain and justify why the number of installs are limited for a product I own.


  • Excessive installs outside what is allowed can be indicative of piracy.

    If you have exceeded the 5 allowed within the give Time frame then you must request the installs to be reinstated from our support department with am explanation of the reason why, be sure to include all credentials used for purchase from the vendor.

    Purchasing the pro edition is subject to the same criteria.
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