How to assign another sound-device ?

Hello !

Regarding sound device.

MAJESTIC SOFTWARE - DASH 8 Q400 PILOT EDITION 64 BIT mjc8-400-Pilot-1_021_x64-inst.exe , P3D v4.

Windows setting default sound = TV (I want to have so during flight, due to play default wav-files there for other purposes).
P3D sound device setting = Head-speakers (not windows default sound)

Desired DASH-sound: Head-speakers.

Info to compare behavior:
Running a P3D default plane, the sound come from Head-speakers.
Running PMDG 737, the sounds come from default TV, but PMDG have internal settings for sound device so I can set it to Head-speakers.

Is there any way to select DASH 8 sound-device same as P3D that is a Windows non-default sound-device ?

regards Lennart Vedin


  • Hello Lennart,

    Setting the default sound device to your headphones within windows properties should be achievable. However, in order to manipulate sounds devices on a more advanced level the PRO edition and higher would have to be your option to achieve this.
    In the PRO edition and higher, our Sound System can, in addition to the 3D mode, be configured to reproduce the particular sound groups via the dedicated speaker(s), such enabling the sophisticated home simulation setups. In addition, the sound system supports a second sound device (including the USB headsets) which can be used to separately output the headphone sounds.


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