Lost Order Number

Hello, I ordered your add in the spring of 2019. I am just in the process of moving to a new computer, I still have the file for your Q400 add on and was able to extract that from my old machine to my new one. I can't find my order number though. I only have an account active with Just Flight but they claim that my order never went through but that it failed three times? Unfortunately this was long enough ago that I can't look it up on my credit card statements either. Is there any way I can get help retrieving a lost Order Number so that I can install this Add on again? I'm returning to work after a long time off and was hoping to use it as a refresher before going back to sim.


  • Hello,

    In order for one to gain access to the addon from any vendor an order number is generated immediately upon purchase. Did you receive an email from Just Flight when you purchased the Q400, as it would be a JFLXXXXXXXX generated number? Unless you may have used another vendor for purchase.

    You can drop us send an email to our Support with all of your purchase credentials adn we'll try to get you back on your feet.
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  • I sent the support email a response with what information I have. Unfortunately I am not sure of my vendor as I can't find an email from any of them and I only have an account with Just Flight, though it sounds like PC aviatior has a new site and old accounts aren't necessarily active?

  • And thanks again for all the help.

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